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Marla Mitchell

Marla has been assisting and coaching others through life’s difficult challenges for over 22 years.  She works with clients both individually and in a group setting.  She enjoys coaching and teaching classes on Meditation, Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Human Design, Gene Keys, Numerology, and offers unique perspectives on Spiritual Guidance.  She uses Crystals, Drums, Tuning Fork Therapy and many other spiritually healing techniques during personal sessions.  Using her intuitive abilities, she presents a unique approach in helping her clients achieve goals by inspiring them to trust their intuition, face their fears and take a leap of faith.  Marla trusts and listens to her own inner guidance every day and as a result, has experienced first-hand the amazing changes in her life and the lives of others.

Marla has been a Radio Personality in the past.  She has had two radio programs (one for 4 years and the other for 2 years), where she did a weekly show assisting live callers with their questions. concerns and life challenges.  She has done volunteer work with Hospice and the Hope Lives Breast Cancer Foundation offering Reiki Healing to their clients.


Celestial Events 2022

Mercury Retrograde Dates:
May 10th - June 2nd
Sept 9th - Oct 1st
Dec 28th - Jan 18th (2023)

Lunar and Solar Eclipse:
Partial Solar April 30th
Total Lunar May 16th
Partial Solar October 25th
Total Lunar November 8th

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