All New: Psychic Awareness Workshop

(All New) Psychic Awareness Workshop
Saturday, March 26th from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Cost:  $125 (payment in advance)

In this workshop, we will practice different ways of discovering our own psychic awareness and abilities.  We will begin with a two-part Psychic Journeying exercise where I will use the drum to guide students on their own unique journey to another realm.  In this realm, students meet with and talk to their own personal Guide.  Following this part of the exercise, students will be paired-up in twos and practice tuning-in to their Guide and channel a reading or answer questions for their partner.  After that, we will discuss other modalities to use for channeling like Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Crystals, etc., and practice using them in groups.  We will end the class with a Q&A session with my Guides, if there's time.  Class size limited to 16 people.  To Register:  (970) 223-3457  

Reiki Level II Class

Saturday, April 23rd
Hours: 9:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Cost: $300
$50 deposit required

In Level II you learn two more symbols; the mental-emotional symbol and the distance healing symbol.  You will also be practicing on other students to build confidence with your intuitive abilities as well as new and different techniques.  Becoming a Level II Practitioner increases your self-awareness, builds a deeper trust in your intuition and helps you to shift your vibration to a higher frequency.  The cost includes supplies and certification.  Class sized limited to 8 people

Reiki Master Class (Level III)

April 2nd (Saturday)
Hours: 9:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Cost: $350
$50 deposit required

In this class we learn the Master Healing Symbol as well as how to work with Crystals and creating a Crystal Reiki Grid for distance healing.  We also learn how to do Psychic Surgery and more healing techniques to help build confidence especially when working on others. The cost includes supplies, folders, manual and certification.  Class sized limited to 8 people

Numerology Workshop ($200)

Summer 2022: This is a fun and insightful workshop where you will first learn about the basics of Numerology by calculating your Life Path, Soul Urge and Destiny. We will then calculate your Life Map which spans from birth to death and depicts events from your past, your current events and what is coming in your future. Knowing your Life Map is extremely helpful and gives you guidance around your Karmic lessons, emotional tendencies and how you can navigate them with greater clarity through the rest of your life. I will give you a binder with copies so you can do your entire family if you choose.

Future Workshops: Coming Up in 2022

Drum Journey Healing, Gene Keys, Numerology


Celestial Events 2022

Mercury Retrograde Dates:
May 10th - June 2nd
Sept 9th - Oct 1st
Dec 28th - Jan 18th (2023)

Lunar and Solar Eclipse:
Partial Solar April 30th
Total Lunar May 16th
Partial Solar October 25th
Total Lunar November 8th

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